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Ultrasound Services

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Providers may have patients that do not need a full consultation with a Maternal Fetal Medicine specialist, but desire the most accurate imaging for these patients. At High Risk Pregnancy Consultants, we can meet those needs. We are pleased to see patients for sonogram only services through all stages of pregnancy, from viability checks in the early first trimester to growth scans, BPPs or Doppler studies in the late third trimester. All images are reviewed by Dr. Humphrey or Dr. Wehrum and reports are typically available the same day. If issues are uncovered on the ultrasound, we are able to immediately discuss these with the patients, and perform additional studies as indicated. In our center we frequently see patients with ultrasound issues that were missed at radiology centers. While an ultrasound may not a perfect screening test, we feel that our skills and equipment provide far superior imaging and interpretation. 

Please complete our referral form below to order sonogram only services for your patients.