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Latest Maternal-Fetal Care News

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Well-rounded Resources. The Latest News Delivered.

High Risk Pregnancy Consultants, led by Dr. Rachel Humphrey, the only board-certified perinatologist within the 10 county region, plus Marion and Sumter counties, delivers the latest high-risk pregnancy news, as well as top-quality, compassionate care to high-risk pregnancy patients and their families.

Dr. Humphrey serves as the director of the Maternal-Fetal Medicine Program at Florida Hospital Orlando, and as the founding physician of the High Risk Pregnancy Consultants, she provides the women of Central Florida with a wide range of knowledge, advanced care and leading technology for complicated pregnancies. Her dedication to advancing the field, as well as expanding the resources available to high-risk pregnancy patients and their families, has earned Dr. Humphrey a great amount of respect, awards, honors and accolades throughout her career.

Read the latest news articles below to better understand the caliber of care patients can expect from Dr. Humphrey and the medical team at High Risk Pregnancy Consultants in Orlando and Celebration, Florida

Managing Risk-Factors of High-Risk Pregnancy

On July 23rd join High Risk Pregnancy Consultants founder Dr. Rachel Humphrey for a free online seminar addressing the risk factors that can lead to a high-risk pregnancy. A partner to parents and obstetricians throughout pregnancy, Dr. Humphrey is an expert in managing high-risk pregnancies to best meet the needs of both mother and child.

3 Things You Must Do Before Getting DNA Tested

In the right circumstances and under the guiding hands of a medical professional, genetic testing can be a very helpful tool to prevent or treat illness.

Managing a High-Risk Pregnancy: What You Need to Know

Join Dr. Humphrey, for a FREE online seminar and learn what factors contribute to a high-risk pregnancy and how conditions such as premature births, advanced maternal age, preeclampsia, diabetes mellitus and multiple births can be effectively managed with a maternal-fetal medicine specialist.