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Laura’s Story

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Dr. Humphrey,

There will never be adequate words to express how grateful I am to you! You literally saved my life! I keep thanking God every day for bringing me to you. I really do feel that everything happens for a reason. I was presented with a nightmare. Yet, everyone came together to save me. I was so scared that I would never see or hold my baby. I always looked on your ultrasounds and wondered if I’d meet my little boy. Because of you, my dream became a reality. You are truly a miracle worker! You get to have the best of both worlds – you are a mother that provides the ultimate examples of greatness to your children. Yet, you continue to touch millions of families and their children! I will never forget y our sweet bedside manner! That is something your patients always hold on to especially in scary situations. Please know how much I appreciate you and I’ll never forget our time spent together watching my little baby grow! Please stay in touch! Much, much love, Laura.