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Yaela’s Story

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My husband and I first met Dr. Rachel Humphrey in 2009 for a pre-pregnancy consultation regarding the pregnancy risks and considerations for myself and the baby, given that I have Osteogenesis Imperfecta (OI), a condition that was caused by a genetic mutation and for which there was a 50% chance of passing on to my child. We were recommended to see Dr. Humphrey by Dr. Gary DeVane, a highly respected local physician in the field of in vitro fertilization. From that first pre-pregnancy visit, when we met with Dr. Humphrey in her office for a thorough consultation, we knew that we could feel very confident in receiving guidance and treatment from her through the pregnancy process.

My husband and I were fortunate to become pregnant naturally in August, 2010. Because of the OI, and my age at the time (39), we needed to not only regularly see my GYN, but a high risk pregnancy doctor. It was a clear choice to return to see Dr. Humphrey. After not seeing her in at least a year, she greeted us with a genuine welcome that felt reassuring and comforting. It was helpful for her to outline what we could expect in terms of her role and our appointments with her over the course of the pregnancy, as well as the potential issues and risks involved with my pregnancy.

Dr. Humphrey has a pleasant and cheerful interpersonal style. At each of our appointments with her, she took her time with us and we never felt rushed, such an important quality to have in a medical professional. From her office to the exam room, Dr. Humphrey was attentive and created an open and comfortable environment. She welcomed our parents to join us at one of our final appointments to see the sonogram, a special moment for all of us.

Dr. Humphrey was always very clear and straightforward in her communication with us including what she was seeing in the sonograms, what is “normal,” what to watch out for, and her recommendations to us. When there were concerns, she was not vague, but explained the issue in an upfront, direct, and understandable way. She responded to all of my questions in a caring, complete, and respectful manner, without making me feel like I was a bother. On a couple of occasions, I called her with additional questions, and she always promptly returned my calls.

Because we also were seeing my GYN (and other doctors in my GYN’s practice), it was necessary for the two offices to coordinate my care. Dr. Humphrey was dependable when it came to communicating with the other doctors and would share with us what she discussed with them. I cannot say the same thing for my other doctors.

It was evident that Dr. Humphrey was very knowledgeable in her field. When seeing a physician for any health issues or concerns, you want to be sure that the person is fully engaged and present in their work, up to date with the latest medical research, and skilled and experienced. Dr. Humphrey possesses all of these qualities. She provided recommendations and directions to us including bed-rests, non-stress tests, screening tests, etc. all to closely monitor the pregnancy and ensure a healthy as possible baby. She always explained the purpose of each procedure and offered consistent and reliable information about our progress.

On what turned out to be our final appointment, the fluid levels surrounding the baby were too low, and she calmly but directly said the baby was at risk and needed to be delivered right away. Although we weren’t expecting to have the baby that morning, we fully trusted her judgment regarding the situation. It meant so much to us when she took time out of her schedule to come visit us and the baby that afternoon and again a couple days later.

We offered to be a reference for Dr. Humphrey and feel honored to have the opportunity to share our positive experience. We would strongly and wholeheartedly recommend her to our family and friends, or anyone searching for a high risk pregnancy doctor.